At the upper end of fine columns and capitals were built friezes of relief decoration and sculpted, repeated head of Medusa- Gorgon. The floors of the lobby and corridors around the pool were decorated with black and white mosaics, floral and geometrical ornaments. White background image mosaics was performed by white marble cubes. These were the earliest mosaics found in Bulgaria since Roman times. Characteristic element of the decoration is called motive swastika. Аlso shows the swastika and ornaments Pelt, rounds entered rosettes, more familiar tunes from the Hellenistic period. The walls of corridors and rooms were decorated with paintings in red, white, black, green. Pilastrov capitals are among the most beautiful found in the Roman provinces. Herman and recurring images of the Medusa-Gorgon, in the decoration of marble have played the role of guardians of home and family.  Jigsaw is extremely valuable in the bedroom, the owners of the villa. It is divided into separate fields and limited by broader framework. It depicts portraits of the owner in the first half of II century AD. and his children – a boy and girl. The floor is covered with mosaic, with a large medallion in the middle, which depicts the head of Medusa-Gorgon.










Part of “ Magnificence of Armira” , Gergana Kabakchieva

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