Ancient villa “Armira” will continue to restore its luster. Total imports draft Operational Programme “Regional Development” 2007-2013, which was approved at the “Assessment of administrative compliance” in BG161RO001/3.1.-03/2010 scheme “Support for the development of natural, cultural and historic attractions.” Through the project, which is the total amount of nearly 1.9 million leva will be implemented the second phase of the restoration of this remarkable archaeological monument of national importance. Author of the architectural project team led by architect. Julius Farkov.Experts provide restoration and anastiloza colonnade around the entire pool of ancient villa “Armira.” Will be a reconstruction and display of octopus and marble slab, in which the pool was filled with water. Will be built in an attractive new roof over the pool. Will be restored to four entrances of the rooms and main entrance of the villa. Part of the floor mosaics will be put glass, to allow tourists to closely monitor the ornaments and the beautiful mosaic pieces. Hipokaust system / underfloor heating / will also be restored.
The project provides for landscaping and special lighting and park area around the national monument. Will be planted pomegranates, figs and dates, which would have fascinated the more tourists who will visit “Armira”.
The project is embedded and integrated concept of advertising on the site. To provide advertising billboards, tourist information signs, brochures, promotional film, participation in tourism fairs and exhibitions and production of advertising logos from the villa and archaeological artifacts. Water tower, which now can be seen, built during the started but not completed due to excavation works of the dam for irrigation will be izpolzavana mounting advertising panel. The project will be implemented major technological model of the ancient villa and garden. There will be 3D reconstruction of the entire architecture of the villa, important building elements and objects from everyday life. 


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